One of the most well-liked television networks in the US is National Broadcasting Corporation or NBC. In addition, to live programming, NBC’s collection includes well-known films and TV episodes. There is no individual subscription plan for the NBC app. Using the login information from your TV provider, you must log into the Nbc.com/activate app.

Devices that support NBC

  • Phones/Tablets
  • Roku/Roku TVs
  • Fire TV / Fire Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung TV

How to activate NBC on your phones/ Tablets

The NBC app may come preloaded on certain smartphones, but there are somewhere you must download and install it. Simple actions are:

  1. Access the app store on your smartphone by finding it and opening it.
  2. Find the NBC app by searching.
  3. To start downloading the app, click Download right now.
  4. Click install after downloading the software.

How to activate NBC on Roku or Roku TV

The steps listed below can be used to activate NBC on Roku Tv:

  1. Visit the home page
  2. Choose streaming channels
  3. Search NBC or pick from the supplied list.
  4. Select add channel, choose enter channel
  5. If asked, create an NBC profile.
  6. Open the channel to obtain an activation code.
  7. Please visit nbc.com/activate/Roku.
  8. Activation code entered
  9. Hit continue
  10. Choose your TV provider, then your device.

How to install NBC on Fire TV or Fire Stick

  1. NBC app should be entered into the search area using the on-screen keyboard. 
  2. Select NBC App from the list of search results after that.
  3. Download the NBC app for the Fire TV
  4. How to activate NBC on Fire TV or Fire Stick

How to install NBC on Fire TV or Fire Stick

  1. In the Apps & Games section, select the NBC app. You’ll be taken to the NBC app page in the Amazon Fire TV App Store by doing this.
  2. On the following page, choose Download or Get. The NBC app will now begin to download. On your Fire TV device, it will immediately install. 
  3. Once the installation is done, choose Open to start the NBC app.
  4. Then choose Activate your device. The application will produce a special activation code.
  5. Enter the activation code that the NBC app has generated now. To continue, click Continue.
  6. then access your NBCUniversal account by logging in.

How to activate NBC on Apple TV

  1. Open the Apple TV App Store.
  2. Select Search from the top menu.
  3. Search the app.
  4. Select the app from the search results and install it.
  5. Right after installation, activate the NBC app.
  6. A TV screen will display an activation code.
  7. Use the browser on your computer or mobile device to access the NBC activation website.
  8. On the box, enter your activation code and then click Continue.
  9. Tap your TV provider, then fill out the necessary login information.
  10. Refresh the NBC app on Apple TV after activation to view your preferred programs on a large screen.

How to watch Hbomax using Samsung TV

There are only a few steps involved in installing the app, so let’s get started:

  1. To open the menu bar, you must first turn on your TV and press the home button on your remote control.
  2. Then, using the remote, navigate to and tap the Apps button.
  3. If the HBO Max app is not among those recommended to you, use your remote’s up button to get to the search button (marked by a magnifying glass).
  4. Enter HBO Max in the text box. As you enter the program should already return the HBO Max app.
  5. Open the app by going there. Tap the Install button when you arrive at the HBO Max page.

How to activate NBC on Smart TV/ Samsung TV/ Bravo TV

Following these steps will allow you to download the NBC app on your TV:

  1. Access the TV’s App store.
  2. If the app is already installed, search NBC or scroll to find it.
  3. Follow the instructions to download or install the application.

How to Watch NBC Outside the US

The following warning will appear if you try to watch any episode outside of the United States: “Sorry, this movie is not accessible from your region.” That’s because the website can tell where you are. You can get around these geographic restrictions by using Unlocator. Start by creating a free Unlocator account. then adhere to your device’s setup instructions.